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Tzu replied to the thread CAN Cable for Coding Injectors?.
" Not horror stories, some just dont work. I bought the one-stop-electronics cable maybe 3 years ago, never had a problem. "

Today, 01:28 PM

HRE_Wheels created the thread Quick Preview: HRE P106CL on 991 GT3.
" Installed by Wheels Boutique in Miami, Florida following its engine replacement - HRE P106 in Brushed Gold on the stock Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires. More photos coming soon.

HRE P106CL in Brushed Gold
20x9 22.4lbs.
20x12 25lbs.


Today, 01:24 PM

rooringhusky replied to the thread Group Buy on Bolt On Go Pro Camera Mounts BMW and Mercedes.
" So much for this groupbuy. No one ever buys anything on this site lol "

Today, 01:24 PM

I6+TT=FTW replied to the thread Blackstone Oil Report - Thoughts?.
" I've been using Motul Xcess 5w40 for the last 1.5 years, with change intervals around 6-7, and have been very happy. Nice to see a blackstone confirming what I thought. No oil cooler or oil catch can on my end though.
Recommended by some local porsche guys (my main techs), they have been using it in their race cars for years. "

Today, 01:18 PM

klipseracer replied to the thread BMW 335i 6AT TCU tuning. What do you want to see?.
Quote Originally Posted by RTA View Post
Luck luck and about 10k in investment and you need a specialist in the following topic:


ASAM... The underlying software framework of the ZF gearbox seems to be ASAM based.

Please read my post above, as I think you could be the most helpful at this point. I have the reversers. They are experts at x86/ARM assembly and they can learn any other assembly if necessary. I can provide them with all the details for them to look at and see if finding an exploit on the boot loader or tuning values is possible. If so, then perhaps we can crowdsource some of the expense, which I do not see costing a ton to be honest. These guys are quite cheap considering their capabilities. They just help me beat 2048bit network comms encryption by reversing the algorithm and creating my own server issuing my own private key for an online mmo. "

Today, 01:18 PM

klipseracer replied to the thread BMW 335i 6AT TCU tuning. What do you want to see?.
Quote Originally Posted by wtfmarine View Post
I think I'm to high to reply but I shall anyways. I refuse to believe that the tcu is that tough to hack. I mean has anyone asked china? Fuck they hack everything. I'm sure they would do it for like tree-fiddy. I bet they already hacked it. It's probably what is required to pass the 3rd grade.
Hack is a very broadly used term. But to discover the private key? Its essentially impossible to do and a waste of time without massive massive amounts of luck. I'm going to take a grain of sand and throw it onto a beach, kick some other sand over it, let the tides come in and out a few times and then tell you to go find it without telling you which beach or even if you're on the right side of the planet. This is not exact math but it gives you the sense of futility involved. Encryption isn't tough because it points a lot of guns at you or anything 'secure' in that sense. It is not secure at all really, especially if you find out the password. It only serves the purpose of security because it inundates you with choices. I believe it has 1024 bit RSA signature, but I'm not sure. I don't think 1024 RSA has ever been hacked by the way, and there are research teams that go out and try to do just that, to be the first ones.

[QUOTE=Unklejoe;584136]If (and that's a big IF) the TCU ever gets "hacked", it certainly isn't going to be because someone ran a brute force crack on the key.

That will likely take many human lifetimes to crack using the fastest computers. Who knows how long the key is.

It will likely be done using some other exploit. "

Today, 01:14 PM

1StopSpeed.com replied to the thread New 100% Bolt On Go Pro Mount for BMW 1,2,3,4,5 Series cars including M Models.
" I know some of you were worried about camera angle. Well I have now figured out that you can use the go pro arm that comes with the camera and our mount and have adjustable angle from left to right. See pics below.


Today, 01:10 PM

Dueclaws replied to the thread Moscow night races: E63S 4matic Renntech st.VIP vs GTR st.2+ vs M6 PP-Performance st.2+.
" Have you noticed Vasily's roof panel starting to flutter in the wind?

Fast AMG! "

Today, 01:05 PM

Unklejoe replied to the thread BMW F80 M3 F82 M4 S55 inline-6 ECU (engine control unit) already cracked and flashable?.
" It makes them pricks because other sports cars are easily tunable.

Corvette...Mustang...EVO....STi... all of those cars are more likely to be owned by a dick head than the average BMW yet the manufacturers don't seem to have many problems dealing with it.

All of those cars are easily flashed.

What BMW should do is allow them to be flashed but implement a method of detecting it. But that's all a dream. "

Today, 12:47 PM

DavidV replied to the thread Automotive Picture of the day.....
" WOW. That looks awesome! "

Today, 12:45 PM

triggz created the thread Wedge Log vs V8Bait Log.
" Since nobody wants to post a log of Wedge's flash showing all 6 cylinders I decided to show the results.

Car is running FBO+100%Meth+94 Oct.

I asked Wedge for a Pump/Meth map and he sent me a map stating 12.5* of timing. I figured it's aggressive but safe based on my mods. I logged it and it looked great, BEFORE 6cylinder logging was available.

Tested it out again and the results were not impressive. First off, it clearly shows the map is targeting close to 14* of timing which is way too much for 94/Meth. It's safe to say you need E85/Meth/FBO to run this type of tune.

http://www.datazap.me/u/triggz/wedge...25-26-27-28-29 "

Today, 12:41 PM

MSIZZLE replied to the thread Ferrari 458 Speciale vs. Porsche 991 Turbo S Cabriolet 60-300 km/h roll on race.
Quote Originally Posted by Sticky View Post
I tried to explain this to someone but you can't argue with people who don't understand basic natural physical laws.
its not an opinion its a fact! A simple way to see it is in your fuel economy, single digits to get the car rolling and move all that weight, once cruising it gets normal economy because the cars own weight is not as much as burden on the engine at that point. Same as when you push a car by hand, hard to start but once rolling the weight is not as much of a factor. "

Today, 12:34 PM

135pats replied to the thread BMW 335i 6AT TCU tuning. What do you want to see?.
Quote Originally Posted by Unklejoe View Post

I think that the people who make the JB and Procede (and other CAN snooping/intercepting things) have the best chance of making something happen.

They seem to know what CAN messages are what and have the ability to modify them.

So in your mind something that rides the CAN feed and interecepts/relays certain values (real or not) back to the TCU...that's the more viable solution?

It does seem clear that at this point, there isn't any substantive path forwards towards actual read/write ability on the TCU. And we still don't have a particularly strong understanding of how it interacts with the DME. "

Today, 12:23 PM

Sal Collaziano replied to the thread Article: Before and after W204 C63 AMG Coupe Weistec 3.0 liter M156 supercharger 1/4 mile drag strips results.
" Well, my Weistec 3.0 setup should be shipping to me in about a week. "

Today, 12:22 PM

ajsalida replied to the thread BMW 335i 6AT TCU tuning. What do you want to see?.
" Nah you just announce the first annual Bimmerboost Worldwide Automotive Hacking Tournament in hacker forums. First to crack N54 6HP21 TCU wins. Grand Prize includes tour of BB skyscraper & penthouse plus keys to Sticky's M3 for a night. Case of pop tarts and an inflatable girlfriend. "

Today, 12:07 PM

klipseracer replied to the thread Dodge Omni v.s. 600whp Turbo S2000.
" You always gotta respect the sleeper. "

Today, 11:51 AM

Remonster replied to the thread BMW F80 M3 F82 M4 S55 inline-6 ECU (engine control unit) already cracked and flashable?.
Quote Originally Posted by Sticky View Post
If BMW actually wanted to encourage it they wouldn't go to the lengths they do and deny warranty claims the way they do. I had my own warranty fight with BMW and at no point were they 'encouraging' about anything. They were a bunch of pricks actually.

If I told the dealer I planned to supercharge and wanted to build the motor they would void it all right then and there. They encourage you to buy their 'Performance Parts' rather than going to the aftermarket. They just want money. They certainly do not give a damn about giving you the best options to modify your car you own.

They have gotten worse about this, not better. I'd love for BMW to actually encourage modding but their behavior and own parts division is designed now to keep maximum profit for them and actually to cut the aftermarket out.
BMW builds a product and they guarantee that product against defects for 4 years / 50,000 miles. They can't guarantee that it will continue to function properly when a random assortment of aftermarket parts have been added onto it or when the calibration of the engine computer has been altered by any random guy. How does that make them pricks? They can continue to offer warranty coverage on their own Performance Parts because those parts were developed alongside the original car and have been tested just as thoroughly as the stock car and are known to work properly.

If you build & boost a motor, you're absolutely insane if you expect the original warranty coverage to still apply. "

Today, 11:50 AM

uniter replied to the thread Twin Disk Clutch.
" I have this.
CM fucked up my order 3 times resulting in 4 months of downtime and lots of out of pocket for what should have been a simple one day job.

That said, they covered parts and of course not labor.

Ive reviewed it before on this forum. It works well, I have a dual bronze disk version. Holds plenty of torque, no slip. I hardly stall it but valets and mechanics regularly do.

Chatter is there:
You cant hear it with the clutch in, really...
You cant hear it while playing the radio... "

Today, 11:16 AM

AdminTeam created the thread We welcome Christi66.
" Christi66, we appreciate you taking the time to join. "

Today, 11:14 AM

135pats replied to the thread Blackstone Oil Report - Thoughts?.
" [QUOTE=Flinchy;584044]TBN too high, needs more ethanol usage (* ethanol creates lots of acid, reduces base content of oil)

would be interesting to see a VOA



VOA to compare to. "

Today, 11:11 AM