• APR Audi TT RS 8S/MKIII 2.5 TFSI Intercooler Released!

      The APR Intercooler System is a massive front mounted upgrade that dramatically reduces intake air temperature (IAT), minimizes heat soak, and provides increased performance! The system is an easy to install, direct bolt-on design, that is recommended at every stage of performance.

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      Quick Facts:

      - Dramatically lowers intake air temp (IAT)
      -- Increases HP while minimizing power-robbing heat soak!
      -- Dynoed 26 AWHP over to the factory system (STG 1 93)!
      -- Effective cooling for more than double factory horsepower levels!

      - Massive frontal surface area and core volume
      -- 6.38" x 25.33" x 3.16" - 161.6 in frnt. & 510.67 in volume - OEM
      -- 10.4" x 22.00" x 3.50" - 228.8 in frnt. & 800.8 in volume - APR

      - Highly effective core design
      -- Bar-and-plate core with staggered and louvered fins.
      -- Rigorous testing determined core style, fin density, and size.
      -- Low pressure drop + highly effective cooling = high performance!

      - Smooth cast end tanks
      -- Engineered for low turbulence/restriction and maximum flow.
      -- Organically shaped to promote airflow across entire core.
      -- Pressure tested to prevent power robbing boost leaks.

      - Easy to install
      -- Simple plug-and-play design with no trimming or drilling necessary!

      - Designed by engineers with lasers
      -- With the best equipment and smartest engineers, it just works!


      APRs engineers tested each intercooler in a multitude of tests to show the impact the APR intercooler has on intake air temperature. The following tests were conducted with a 2018 TT RS using our APR Stage 1 ECU Upgrade, 93 octane fuel and no other modifications. Ambient conditions during the stock intercooler tests were 72F and 97.9 kPa with 80% relative humidity. Conditions were similar later in the day during during the APR Intercooler testing with 74F and 98.18 KPa with 78% relative humidity. This gave the APR Intercooler no added advantage over the stock system during the tests.

      First, six back-to-back dyno pulls were conducted with each intercooler. Each run was conducted in 4th gear, from idle to redline, with a cool down between runs. The stock intercooler failed to combat rising IATs and quickly exhibited power-robbing heat soak. IATs started at 34C and quickly rose to 58C by the end of the first dyno pull. This trend continued with the final dyno pull reaching a staggering 66C! In contrast, the APR Intercooler started at the same temperature and only reached 38C by the end of the first dyno pull. It was then able to continue rejecting heat, only reaching 47C by the end of the final dyno pull. The APR Intercooler performed better after 6 back-to-back dyno pulls than the factory intercooler did on its very first dyno pull.

      Next we tested a 15-second sprint through the gears. With the factory intercooler, IAT quickly rose from a starting temperature of 40C to a blistering 69C! However, as expected, the APR intercooler handled IATs extremely well. With a starting temperature of 42C, IAT dropped to as low as 36C before slightly climbing above the starting temperature to 48C by the end of the sprint. A difference of 25C was exhibited between the two units after only a single 15 second sprint. This directly translates to faster acceleration, and better performance in all conditions.

      The temperature difference between the stock and APR intercooler directly translates to more horsepower. Comparing best vs best, worst vs worse, and average vs average dynos from both systems, the APR Intercooler laid down 26 AWHP over stock when comparing the average results of each intercooler. This is easily one of the best dollar-per-horsepower hardware modifications one can make on this platform and highly recommended for anyone at any stage!

      To learn more about our design, please visit our Product Page!

      Application Guide

      Audi TT RS (8S / MQB / MK3) - 2.5 TFSI EVO

      Fits both with and without ACC.

      ROW market vehicles require the longer US crash bar.

      TT RS intercooler releasing next!

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