• APR tuned MKIII TT-RS breaks into the 5's 60-130 on the factory 2.5 TFSI turbocharger - 60-130 in 5.97, 1/4 mile 9.75@140

      Want to know what kind of 1/4 mile trap it takes to see a 5.X 60-130? Well, wonder no more. This Audi TT-RS tuned by APR dipped into the 5's running 60-130 miles per hour in 5.97 seconds while logging a 9.75 @ 140.16 GPS timed 1/4 mile.

      All on the factory 2.5 TFSI turbocharger no less.

      Yes, this is the same MKIII TT-RS that ran 9's on an actual dragstrip last month setting the factory turbo record. Yes, it does have extensive weight loss.

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      Our favorite TTRS has done it again, now running 9.75@140 MPH in the quarter. This was achieved on the street via Dragy with an APR Stage 2 (Stock turbo) TTRS. It's extensively modded with E85, weight reduction, brakes, wheels, tires, ECU, TCU, intake, inlets, DP, etc. Were excited to see what it does next.
      Oh, and how about a 0-60 of 2.28 seconds?

      As AudiBoost stated a long time ago which does not seem controversial any longer, the TT-RS is a budget 911 Turbo and arguably better as a tuning platform.

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