• Next Generation 2022 Audi R8 (MKIII) going 100% electric - E-Tron GTR

      Some might like this news and others might not. It certainly indicated that Audi is breaking the R8 away from the Huracan which may not be the best for enthusiasts. The Audi R8 has a stout aftermarket specifically because it shares the Huracan V10 drivetrain.

      Well, no more of that assuming this report floating around from CAR is true. Audi toyed around with an electric R8 before with several failures. It was on again/off again for years before finally debuting in 2015. They asked over a million dollars for it.

      Expect the E-Tron GTR or third gen R8 to be significantly cheaper. Who knows what the real details will actually be but a 300 mile range and wireless charging is being reported.

      What is a bit funny is that is not really news. This information was already reported last year so it seems CAR is doing some recycling.

      Either way, expect the next generation R8 to be electric.

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        thats horrible if its true
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        Man if they only used the electric concept to make a hybrid R8 to boost performance that would be awesome.