• Klasen Motors to begin shipping their Audi 4.0 TFSI C7 RS6/RS7 1000+ hp single turbo kit

      This is good news for those in the USA that might want the Klasen Motors 4.0 TFSI single turbo conversion. Klasen showed a 1000+ hp Dynojet graph last year (although low resolution and they never sent a high res version when asked) so the horsepower claim is entirely believable.

      The big question is how much money? Klasen has yet to respond to any inquiries about the price.

      Additionally, how does the transmission hold up?

      AudiBoost will update this post when/if Klasen provides any of the important details necessary before anyone will order.

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      1. Bowser330's Avatar
        Bowser330 -
        Would be rad to see an rs7 with one of these setups at a 1/2 mile event
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        135idct -
        WG location??
      1. Rob S.'s Avatar
        Rob S. -
        Price is 18K euro.
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        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Rob S. Click here to enlarge
        Price is 18K euro.
        Not bad depending on what it includes.
      1. Bowser330's Avatar
        Bowser330 -
        From their website, i wonder if the kit includes all that is bolded below....what does 18K Euro include?

        The Audi RS6 Avant is already a very powerful vehicle with its 4.0 liter TFSI V8 BiTurbo engine. With its extremely early response and already 650 Nm of torque at 1750 rpm, due to the small series turbocharger, we had the feeling that the engine can not show its true potential in the upper rpm range. We wanted to develop more than just a conventional chip tuning for the Audi RS6 C7 series.
        Instead of the two off-the-shelf twinscroll turbochargers with extremely small payloads, we built a single large Garrett GTX42 Gen.2 turbocharger in conjunction with matching and custom-developed CAD and CFD-designed stainless steel exhaust manifolds.These manifolds are significantly more streamlined and have a 50% larger cross section of the channels. The original intake is changed to 1x100mm cross section. On the hardware side, the valve train of the engine is modified, as well as larger high-pressure fuel pumps and an additional low-pressure fuel pump installed.
        The original water charge air cooler system continues to be used due to the limited space available. Here, however, we replace the water cooler with a much larger specimen and obstruct another water pump. To reduce the charge air temperature even further, we install a water-methanol injection.Even at speeds over 300km / h, we can achieve charge air temperatures below 40 ° C!
        On the exhaust side, we install a downpipe with 1x 100mm cross-section, which then divides to 2x 76mm. Two 100cpsi HJS racing catalytic converters are responsible for exhaust aftertreatment, followed by a reduced-pressure reduced 2x 76mm damper system with absorption silencers.
        After the hardware modification, the software adaptation of the engine and transmission control unit takes place on our in-house DynoJet 424xLC² four-wheel drive test bench. In addition to adapting the engine software to the changed hardware, we have also adapted the automatic transmission to the changed engine speed range, including switching speeds, launch control speed and torque release.
        The extreme power increase to more than 1,000 hp and more than 1,100 Nm make the Audi RS6 literally fly across the street. Ride values ​​are achieved that are otherwise reserved for supercars only!
        That means concretely: 0-100 km / h in 2.8 s , 0-200 km / h in 7.8 s and the sprint of 0-300 km / h in 19.5 s (Bugatti Veyron: 19.8s!). The entire conversion is absolutely suitable for everyday use and so perfectly matched, as if the RS6 had been shipped from the factory. Apart from the slightly modified engine cover, the conversion is completely incognito. The fuel consumption changes in everyday use in normal driving, however, hardly.
        In our opinion, the epitome of perfect Audi RS6 tuning with 1,000 hp.
        The exhaust manifolds and the Audi RS6 Single Turbo Kit are also available individually in our online shop.

        • VEHICLEAudi RS6 C7 4.0 TFSI
        • POWER1011 hp / 1107 Nm
        • 0-100 KM / H2.8 seconds
        • 0-200 KM / H7.8 seconds
        • 0-300 KM / H19.5 seconds
        • MULTI-PERFORMANCE+451 hp / +457 Nm
      1. Rob S.'s Avatar
        Rob S. -
        I think its just for the turbo kit but im not sure.
        If its the whole package then price is very fair, but for just turbo kit 18K is too expensive imo.