• SRM 8V Audi RS3 and MKIII TT-RS Brushless 2.5 TFSI EVO Low Pressure Fuel Pump upgrade (LPFP)

      The 2.5 TFSI with its dual injection fuel system (both port and direct fuel injection) allow for multiple upgrade paths. You can combine MPI upgrades with direct injection upgrades or just focus on one system. It depends on your power goals, fuel needs, and budget.

      This setup from SRM (Silly Rabbit Motorsport) is a dual pump system with a stock pump and then a Veyron pump which kicks in at 50% duty cycle. In theory it can supply 1500+ hp worth of fuel.

      MQB RS3 Brushless Low pressure DUAL pump upgrade with serviceable filter.

      Billet machined aluminum bulk head with integrated 10 micron stainless filter

      Wiring harness with secondary control module - engages second pump only in boost
      This solution solves issues with starvation that can happen with the OEM system.

      Product page:

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      1. crapinternet's Avatar
        crapinternet -
        Thats a nice piece of kit.
      1. Payam@BMS's Avatar
        Payam@BMS -
        Looks very nice!!
      1. kbaldi29's Avatar
        kbaldi29 -
        This is my new favorite mod, I have been using it and became a fan since day one, great crazy pump, on the RS cars the controller is great to have, which he includes in the kit.
        That stupid pump is just the best ever made, I have been using it on everything I can make it fit lol. Even on the S55s, when normally you would add a secondary 450 pump like the fuel it kit which works great as welll, but instead just by using this pump as replacement for the factory brushless simplifies everything and provides more fuel than you could need, and if need more, add a second pump and done.