• Etuners Australia builds an 8J Audi TT with a VR6 swap and twin Garrett top mount turbochargers

      When it comes to making big, big power in the VW/Audi world not much tops the VR6 block. It is fairly affordable and remarkably stout. Etuners Australia decided to build a TT for top end roll racing and decided the VR6 was the engine to go with.

      They made it fit and then added top mount twin turbochargers.

      Here is the rundown of the specs:

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      With the popularity or Rollracing at the moment we decided to prepare our AUDI for upcoming events.

      Our TT previously made 471wkw on 26psi and 525wkw on 32psi on a single turbo.

      Looking for more response for roll racing,we have now re-designed the package.

      2 Garrett - Advancing Motion G25 660s supplied by GCG Turbochargers Pty Ltd.

      Hypertune have supplied the collectors, bends,coolers, intake and other hardware for the build !!

      FabTech Global is now in the process of designing the intake manifold , water to air intercooler and heat exchanger, that will all feature billet by Dion!!

      Next up an Aquamist direct port methanol injection system will be installed by Orlando Barrett that will also feature Two extra nozzles that will be plumbed directly into the comp covers of the 660s

      The engine will run on E85 and will also feature a Nitrous oxide system and will deliver power via a DQ500 with upgraded Clutches (billet basket ) and billet DM flywheel.

      All this will be controlled by the Factory Ecu that is designed to run a naturally aspirated engine.

      The ecu will be calibrated by Etuners..
      So they are throwing nitrous on top and will run a DQ500 dual clutch transmission.

      The question is, how much power will it make and what will it run? We fill find out hopefully soon when it is wrapped up.

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