• World's second 2.5 TFSI EVO/DAZA to trap 160+ - Iroz IMS1000 RS3 runs 9.1@160.44

      Yes, 2.5 TFSI's and 8V RS3's have gone quicker but this is the second RS3 to top 160 miles per hour of trap speed in the 1/4 mile. Additionally, this is the second fastest overall aluminum block 2.5 TFSI.

      The overall platform record is 161.05 set by Iroz Motorsport at Famoso Raceway in their shop RS3 sedan.

      As for the mods, this is the same car that posted a dyno over 1000 wheel horsepower last week. It belongs to Slav at Eurocharged Canada.

      A reminder of the modifications involved:

      Quote Originally Posted by Eurocharged Canada
      1010whp on the @irozmotorsport ims1000 kit and clutches running @pagparts and @xtreme.di fuel pumps on e85. @mahlemotorsport_na drop in pistons and @cp_carrillo rods supplied by @eurocode, @eventuri_ Stg3 intake and a 4" inlet. Stock ecu and tcu tuning done by @eurochargedcanada
      Congratulations to Iroz, Mahle, XDI, Pagparts, Eurocode, Eventuri, CP Carilo, and of course Eurocharged Canada. Well done!

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        I made a mistake. The record is 161.05 on the platform held by Iroz.

        This is the second fastest RS3.