• Heffner Twin Turbo Audio R8 V10 races a stock McLaren MP4-12C, an SL65 AMG, and a SPE1000 GTR at an 1/8 mile drag strip

      An 1/8 mile is really nowhere near long enough for cars with this much power to stretch their legs. However, these videos are really well done offering a great angle and good quality showing what happens. The Audi R8 V10 is said to be Twin Turbo although it does not perform as strongly as a turbo R8 should. Even with its all wheel drive advantage in a short race the McLaren MP4-12C manages to pull it towards the end of the 1/8 and being a stock car it tends to support the conclusion the R8 is running fairly low boost with its Heffner setup.

      The SL65 AMG also gives the R8 a good run. It likely is tuned although no mod list is provided with the videos. The SL65 clearly is on drag radials.

      Very good races captured well from the R8. Just goes to show what a beast the McLaren is in stock form.

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        TZ04XJR -
        SL65 above has Tune + Downpipes on 24psi making 600+whp..

        vs X6M w/ Tune + Downpipes

        vs Dodge Dart 440