• 034 Motorsport builds an awesome widebody 2464 pound Audi TT-RS racecar with a 372 horsepower 2.5 liter TFSI inline-5 and... front wheel drive

      This is quite simply awesome. 034 Motorsport took a second generation Audi TT-RS and turned it into a beast of a road racing car. The motor is the same 2.5 liter inline-5 that sees duty in the TT-RS tweaked slightly to output 372 horsepower. Not huge power, but offering great power to weight when one considers this car is 820 pounds lighter than the street car on which it is based at 2464 pounds.

      The bodywork is a mixture of carbon fiber, aluminum, and glass. It adds about 5.5 inches of width to the car along with a capability for an additional 1500 pounds of downforce. Wide and super lightweight magnesium wheels fill out the new fenders.

      The car also does not retain the all wheel drive system, it's front wheel drive. This is likely partially due to weight but also because at this power level the all wheel drive is not necessary. It's simply faster as a race car this way. It is the only front wheel drive car to secure a pole and podium spot during a VLN series race.

      Pretty awesome work by 034 Motorsport who could uncork a lot more power from that motor if they wanted to. As is, this is one badass Audi TT which it certainly better be for an estimated $250,000 worth of work.

      Audi TTRS Race Car (VLN, 24H) - Technical Data
      Model: Improved Production-Based Touring Car (SP4T, VLN, and 24H Nürburgring Rules)


      • Integral Body (Steel/Aluminum Hybrid Construction)
      • Steel Safety Cage
      • Aluminum, Carbon, Aramid, and Glass Fiber Bodywork



      • Inline Five Cylinder Engine
      • 4 Valves Per Cylinder, DOHC
      • Turbocharged (Boost Pressure Limited to 2.8 bar Absolute)
      • Gasoline Direct Injection (TFSI)
      • HJS Catalytic Converter

      Engine Management: Bosch Mototronic MED 9.1.2
      Engine Lubrication: Wet Sump
      Cubic Capacity: 2,480 cc (82.5 mm Bore x 92.8 mm Stroke)
      Power: 372 Horsepower at 6,000 RPM
      Torque: 391 Foot-Pounds at 2,500 – 4,000 RPM



      • Pneumatically Controlled 6-Speed Sport Sequential Gearbox with Paddle Shift
      • Front Wheel Drive
      • Traction Control (Multistage ASR)

      Clutch: Three Plate Sinter Metal Race Clutch (ZF Sachs)
      Differential: Mechanical Limited-Slip Differential
      Driveshafts: Constant Velocity Sliding Driveshafts

      Steering: Electric Power Rack and Pinion Steering


      • Independent Suspension Front and Rear
      • Front Strut Type Axle
      • Front and Rear Subframes and Wishbone are Made from Welded Steel Tubes
      • Front and Rear Uprights are Machined from High-Strength Aluminum
      • Coil Springs and Adjustable Dampers (KW)
      • Front and Rear Quick-Adjustable Anti-Roll Bars


      • Hydraulic Dual Circuit Brake System with Brake Balance Adjuster
      • 355mm Full Floating Brake Discs with Brembo 6-Piston Racing Calipers (Front)
      • Steel Brake Discs with AP Racing 2-Piston Racing Calipers (Rear)
      • Bosch Motorsport ABS

      Wheels: O.Z. Racing 11″x18″ Cast Magnesium Wheels (R8 LMS)
      Tires: 305-680/18 Pirelli P Zero


      Length: 4,765 mm
      Width: 1,980 mm
      Height: 1,297 mm
      Start Weight (Minimum): 1,120 kg (Depending on Accessories)
      Fuel Capacity (Maximum): 110 Liters


      Seat System: Audi Sport Customer Racing Race Shell (FIA Approved)
      Fire Extinguisher: Audi Sport

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