• Prior Design reveals their PD GT650 Body Kit for the Audi R8 - Pictures and specifications

      Yet another body kit launch from Prior Design this time for the Audi R8. This PD650 widebody kit was introduced by Prior Design at the Essen Auto Show. It consists of a new front bumper, side skirts, lip spoiler, rear diffuser, wing, roof scoop, and of course widened fenders. The material use is Dural-Flex FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic). The body kit is available for either V8 or V10 equipped R8 models. Nice looking kit but that roof scoop and spoiler are a bit too much, AudiBoost would prefer their kit without those two parts.

      PD GT650 parts:

      - PD GT650 front bumper (side vents included)
      - PD GT650 front lip spoiler (for PD GT650 front bumper)
      - PD GT650 front fenders
      - PD GT650 rear bumper (side vents included)
      - PD GT650 side skirts
      - PD GT650 rear diffusor
      - PD GT650 rear wing
      - PD GT650 vent inserts with mesh included
      - PD GT650 roof scoop
      - Mounting material

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