• No C7 RS6 Sedan? RS SUV coming? Audi announces four new RS models coming in 2013

      Audi in a recent teaser showed four new models coming for 2013. The first model is revealed in the teaser making it quite obvious, the RS5 convertible. The model to its left is fairly obvious as well, the new RS6 Avant. That leaves two models under the covers that are not accounted for. What is very interesting is that clearly one of those models is a sport utility based vehicle which has to be based on either the Q3 or Q5.

      Audi teased an RS Q3 in concept form earlier this year. That little SUV is quite simply awesome. Excellent styling, low curb weight, combined with the excellent 2.5 TFSI inline-5 turbo powerplant which is capable of a whole ton of power when tuned. So, it could be this same RS Q3 and if it is Audi you better bring it to the United States. Seriously, do not screw this up. Speaking on behalf of all North American Audi Enthusiasts, we want it. We want it badly.

      Now it could also be a Q5. As mentioned last month, a leak in VW's own ETKA online system showed an SQ5 variant powered by the 3.0 TFSI motor. In the readout, the SQ5 showed a 3.0 TFSI supercharged V6 motor with 354 horsepower but it was not listed an RS model. Could it be that this will actually be an RS model instead of an SQ5? After all, the SQ5 does already exist with a diesel motor. This would be a natural step above it.

      It could be either of those two scenarios and AudiBoost would prefer the RS Q3 but will be happy with either. That brings us to a sad piece of news, no RS6 sedan as it will be avant only based on what is currently reported from Audi which means no RS6 for the USA yet again. Instead, it would appear the mystery model being teased is the RS7. It will be mechanically identical to the RS6 but set to compete in the "four door coupe" segment with the M6 Gran Coupe and Mercedes-Benz CLS.

      Why Audi is content to now have a sedan to compete with the M5 or E63 does not make much sense considering they previously have. Additionally, AudiBoost hopes the RS7 will get a dual clutch transmission unlike the RS6 with its automatic but what is likely to happen is the RS6 parts will simply be copied over to make it easier and cheaper. Somewhat disappointing no RS6 sedan is planned for now but let's hope Audi changes their mind.

      Regardless, very nice to see Audi launching so many RS models at once and abandoning the philosophy they once had of only one RS model at any given point. About time this changed, bring them all on Audi.

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