• Automobile renders the upcoming 2017 Audi R20 diesel hybrid supercar - Pictures and specs

      More info is trickling out on the upcoming Audi hybrid diesel supercar set to be slotted above the R8. The car will utilize technology from the R18 E-Tron race cars. The name for this vehicle is now said to be "R20" placing it numerically above the R18 Le Mans car. Apparently this is because the car will be styled similar to a Le Mans vehicle complete with a full aerodynamic tailfin just like the real deal R18.

      Expect LED lights and also gullwing style doors. Like earlier reports of 700+ horsepower and 740+ pound-feet of torque Automobile says the gasoline six-cylinder motor is expected to provide 550 horsepower with two 75 horsepower electric motors providing another 150 horses. Automobile gets things wrong so this isn't set in stone, it just sounds like people are guessing right now.

      For this vehicle to actually compete against the Porsche 918 Spyder it really would need something in the 700 horsepower range. Not to mention hybrid drivetrains don't tend to be all that lightweight thanks to the batteries and electric motors. Also Audi was quoted earlier saying this car will be the "absolute best" which means it will need to keep pace with Porsche's best.

      Regardless, take a look at the renderings below. Not the best set of pictures and it pretty much looks like Automobile took the basic shape of a Le Mans car and added some LED's along with R8 style vents in back. The fin they added to the roof just looks awkward. It is doubtful the real thing will look anything like these renderings which look amateurish at best. We will have to wait and see.

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        Eryk03 -
        Audi ! make R20 and be the best !
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        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Eryk03 Click here to enlarge
        Audi ! make R20 and be the best !
        They will.

        You are from Poland eh?
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        Puerto Rican 335d -
        As usual AUDI at its best DIESEL!!