• EVOMS struggling to deliver a twin turbo built motor V8 4.2 R8 and is almost three years late? Direct injection fuel system and tuning woes

      In February of 2010 EVOMS started an R8 Turbo build for a customer who goes by the name of gigharbor1 on the forums. The expected completion date was sometime in 2010. Well, EVOMS missed that date by quite a bit but speaking from experience with difficult builds obviously it is not easy and not everything goes as planned. However, in this case, part of the problem seems to be lack of focus as well as issues with the direct injection fuel system posing problems EVOMS has not been able to resolve thus far.

      The customer has been patient, extremely patient. However, it's time to build this build to light. Here was the intended goal:

      EVOSM: "Last month we started our latest R8 project - twin turbo. The project will consist of a complete engine tear down and rebuilt with new components that are specifically engineered for our high powered twin turbo setup. Since the stock Audi R8 engine has 12.5:1 compression, adding more than 6-8 psi of boost is about the limit for the stock internals. Since our project is being built for 800 + HP, we require higher boost, thus need to develop new internals to withstand the increased pressures and power. Listed below are the new components that we are designing / installing:

      EVOMS designed Forged Pistons (Lowered Compression)
      EVOMS designed High Strength Head Stud Kit - replaces the OEM head bolts
      EVOMS designed Hell-Fire Multi-Layer High Strength Head Gaskets
      Carrillo Connecting Rods

      Besides the internal engine strengthening, we will also address other aspects of the R8 including the development of a complete intercooled twin turbo system, increase the capacity of the fuel system, tune the engine electronics, improve the strength of the drivetrain / brakes and install a tuned street / race suspension. Our customer wants the R8 to dominate on the track and still handle street driving without loss of all of the creature comforts that the R8 offers. I will update this thread as things progress with the project."

      Here is the problem:

      Patience of a saint, eh? Well the problem is clearly Evoms struggling with tuning of the fuel system. Perhaps it's time to bring in help from people who have succeeded with it? Back in July of 2011, AudiBoost posted an article stating that EPL (European Performance Labs) was able to boost the fuel system output on the Heffner Twin Turbo System. Clearly EPL has a solid understanding of the R8 4.2 V8 direct injection fuel system and tuning. They have an upgraded HPFP (high pressure fuel pump) system available.

      Now, EPL's solution was only tested on an 8.5 PSI setup on the stock internals. This build is going for a much, much higher power level. Regardless, a tuner has demonstrated success using upgraded fuel pumps and tuning for the 4.2 V8 direct injection system with a twin turbo build.

      The owner has been waiting almost three years. Nobody is putting any pressure on EVOMS. Sorry, but somebody has to say something and it's AudiBoost. Deliver the car EVOMS, make it your priority. It's about time.

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      1. Ensoniq's Avatar
        Ensoniq -
        wondering if anyone has an update on this build

        was it ever finished.

        There's no greater example for me why not to go first
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        Evoms has kept this very quiet.

        I don't think they ever finished it. There are some fueling solutions now though so it's not like it can't be finished.