• Supersprint releases full exhaust system including headers for the Audi S5 3.0TFSI supercharged V6 offering an additional 13+ horsepower - Dyno + Video

      Here is Supersprint's full exhaust system for the new Audi S5 featuring the 3.0 TFSI supercharged V6 motor. The system includes headers, mufflers, and an X-pipe. The parts appear to be the usual high quality from Supersprint. With just the full exhaust itself, output rises to 356 horsepower on the dyno at the crank to 369.2. Torque figures go from 340 pound-feet of torque up to 354 pound-feet of torque for a gain of 14.

      Those numbers are with the stock tune. Once an aftermarket tune is factored in the exhaust only gains rise to 20 horsepower. Not, the dyno used is a MAHA dyno and dynojet figures Americans are accustomed to will be different. The delta shows considerable gains and that is what one should focus on.

      Take a look at the stock headers versus the Supersprint headers:

      Torque will be picked up by ditching the cats hanging right off the stock cast iron manifold. The Supersprint long tube headers are a much better design.

      Front pipes with a hi-flow cat are also available although ditching these cats for a race pipe will offer greater gains but this is the responsible setup:

      Here is the mid-pipe with resonator:

      And of course the rear section muffler:

      The entire system is modular so buy it all at once or a piece at a time, up to you.

      MAHA dyno graphs.

      Baseline, pump gas:

      Pump gas, exhaust only:

      Comparison between ECU tuned car with stock exhaust and Supersprint exhaust:


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        I see... lesson learned...
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        Another fantastic system from Supersprint. I'll be over there soon so will try and do a factory write up with pictures etc.

        We are now authorised to distribute Supersprint products in the USA so please get in touch for pricing.
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Imran[MENTION=1803 Click here to enlarge
        evolve;399215]I'll be over there soon so will try and do a factory write up with pictures etc.
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        Another quality product from SuperSprint
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