• Audiboost member switches from GIAC to APR tuning and picks up 3 miles per hour of trap speed - B8 S5 3.0T runs 11.0@126

      Excellent results here from AudiBoost member @spool twice who keeps pushing his 3.0 TFSI supercharged V6 in his B8 Audi S5 to new heights. To be perfectly fair he made more changes than just switching from GIAC to APR tuning.

      He wanted to pair APR's tuning to their Ultracharger setup which includes a larger throttle body. He also ported the supercharger so the gain in trap speed is not through tuning alone.

      Here is the mod list:

      -APR ECU (Ultracharger, 104 file)
      -APR TCU
      -AWE 57.55mm s/c pulley
      -Fluidampr 194mm crank pulley
      -HPFP upgrade
      -e85/93 fuel
      -Killerchiller w/ AWE reservoir & pump
      -Tampa Autosports test pipes
      -Tampa Autosports ported OEM supercharger
      -Modded OEM airbox

      This results in a very impressive pass just shy of breaking into the 10's:

      Now the slips with GIAC tuning:

      The car has a bit more wheelspin now so with better traction it looks like 10's should be achievable.

      Quote Originally Posted by Spool Twice
      ...there is more to be had. I didn't anticipate that the ported blower inducing more wheelspin at the track, so I had to launch at around 1,500 rpm. After this dragstrip event, I did learn an alternative launch method that allowed me to launch harder and keep an APR-specific wide-open throttle upshift algorithm that should allow for a drop in E.T. and a higher trap.

      Regarding boost, the car's performance is more than a single-gear dyno run now. I have around 4psi more boost in 1st gear, 3psi more in 2nd gear, 2psi more in 3rd gear (bleeding off some as it exceeds the file requests), 1.5psi more in 4th gear (again bleeding off some) in an almost apples-to-apples comparison.

      Also in an almost apples-to-apples comparison, the port job gained about 3mph in overall trap speeds, but hopefully will end up being more soon.
      Great results and documentation at every stage by @spool twice.

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      1. quattr0's Avatar
        quattr0 -
        I'm sure you meant B8.5....

        Great result!!!
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        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by quattr0 Click here to enlarge
        I'm sure you meant B8.5....

        Great result!!!
        Yeah somewhat implied with 3.0T but yes.
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        spool twice -
        wow very cool, front page! haha

        I do have some additional mods to try out this time (software/hardware), I now have my throttle body adapter/reducer ported/polished, I have not had a chance to log just yet, but the car feels more on-the-spot for throttle response. Plus I have a different software, hopefully it will resolve the boost bypass that I get at the top of 3rd gear into 4th gears because of potential boost exceeding the software requests.

        Hopefully they all add up Click here to enlarge I'll hit the track next week, with less fuel this time. I had 1/2 tank of fuel on this run, and perhaps remove my spare/jack as well.