• 0-176 mph 500+ hp Manhart tuned B9 Audi RS5 acceleration video

      500 horsepower out of the Audi EA839 2.9 liter twin turbo V6 is not a big stretch. Why? Because it comes with 450 horsepower from the factory. Manhart (of BMW tuning fame) says they bump output to 500 horsepower and increase torque by 73 lb-ft with an ecu tune.

      Very reasonable claims. Now, as the B9 RS4 and RS5 are brand new we are hungry for data and tuning information. As more of these cars get on the streets and more tuners tackle them we will have more data for context but this video certainly shows the RS5 is no slouch.

      Traction is no issue off the line obviously with all wheel drive and the automatic. The car look to take just a bit over 8 seconds to hit 100 miles per hour although that is a rough approximation as you can not trust a speedometer over GPS.

      Still, very quick. Also, the engine sounds great! Check out when they put the transmission in manual mode and do some downshifts. Nice crackles, pops, and burbles right?

      It is going to very interesting to see how the B9 RS4 and RS5 stack up to their competition in the segment especially considering the little brother RS3 looks like the stronger performance platform at this time.

      The RS4 and RS5's worst enemy may just be from Audi themselves.

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        That stock exhaust? Nice!!!
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        They using a piggy back that they sell for $6000+ on their site.
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        Man i thought Porsche tax was expensive lol