• BMW F87 M2 vs. Audi 8V RS3 sedan roll race

      It is good to see a British publication figure out that running a BMW from a roll against all wheel drive competition makes more sense in order to see which car is actually faster. Not to mention it tends to always be damp when the Brits test these cars making many of their comparisons worthless.

      This one fortunately is not worthless but the BMW M2 has its hands full with an Audi RS3 sedan. The Audi is marginally heavier (the weight of the driver and amount of fuel can make it go either way) but it has a smaller 2.5 TFS inline-5. It produces just over 400 horsepower (it's underrated) and sends that power to all four wheels.

      The BMW M2's N55B30T0 is rated less on paper at 365 horsepower but a rear wheel drive setup is more efficient namely from a roll. The problem is the N55B30T0 motor is tuned for torque down low and not traditional top end M power.

      They do an off the line run and it's pointless. The RS3 wins easily.

      Next up is a roll race and, shocker, it's closer. The RS3 still wins easily.

      The M2 may be the better driver's car but when it comes to straightline performance the RS3 is a much better platform. Frankly, the RS3 is doing better than anything in the BMW lineup when it comes to straightline speed.

      It's that damn good.

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