• How does the B9 RS5 do against a Mercedes-AMG W205 C63 S Coupe in a drag race?

      Hot on the heels of the B9 RS5 drag racing the BMW F82 M4 Competition Package we have it trying the other big boy in its class on for size. Surprisingly, the M4 won the drag race so that tells us the C63 S definitely has power on its side here.

      The heavier C63 does not have traction on its side though. That is really what drag racing is about, isn't it? The launch.

      These drag racing videos always leave questions because they are rarely done properly. This one is no exception as little relevant data is provided.

      What happens? The RS5 gets a better launch and the C63 pulls slightly ahead. So, the C63 shows it has more power and would be stronger on the highway.

      How about a roll race then people if you aren't going to provide trap speeds? They post elapsed times but fail to mention if they are for 400 meters, a 1/4 mile, or what the distance is. I suppose we should at least be thankful they aren't doing this on a wet track.

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      1. SVP03's Avatar
        SVP03 -
        No LC in the Audi ???

      1. BlackJetE90OC's Avatar
        BlackJetE90OC -
        Something is just odd with these guys videos.

        I get this feeling they are not using LC correctly. RS5 should be absolutely launching from a dig.

        We need a properly done instrument test comparo.
      1. BlackJetE90OC's Avatar
        BlackJetE90OC -
        This jump from a dig is what I'd expect from a properly launched RS5.